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(Me being Amogh)


uh-MOAG KAHM-lay


My name is Amogh Kambale, but like Rihanna and Beyonce, most people just call me Amogh. I live in NYC partly because I really enjoy bagels. Prior to that, I lived in San Francisco for access to excellent sourdough bread. I am originally from Minnesota which was once the flour milling capital of the world.

In my brief foray into adulthood I have worked in sales and solutions engineering for a few tech companies. I currently work for Block/Square as a software engineer. Telling this to shop owners unfortunately never manages to score me free coffee.

If you need someone to join your choir, bike touring club, Smash Ultimate league, ping pong team, or cooking competition, please get in touch!


Dateforce is a CRM DRM system; the D stands for dating. I wouldn't advise making a CRM system with a NoSQL database, but that's what I did, so oh well.

DependenTree is a graph visualization library. It can visualize dependency graphs at scale in a collapsible tree format.

Server-To-Server Google Tag Manager Client is middleware for Server-Side Google Tag Manager. Handles network request, errors and enables security options.

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